Meet Mr. Hung

My name is Nguyen Hung, or Mr. Hung, and I am the proud owner of the Xuan Thu Guesthouse and Restaurant. I like speaking English with my guests and sharing funny stories and tour information over a glass of good Vietnamese tea. I also enjoy playing the guitar, and I love cooking Italian food. 

You can ask me everything about Vietnam, especially the north part. There is only one thing I want, and that is to make your stay as pleasant as possible!


The lovely staff of the Xuan Thu Guesthouse and Restaurant are super friendly and enthusiastic. They will always try their best to help you out the best they can! Some of them are speaking English pretty well, others get the opportunity to improve their English here. Sometimes we have an English speaking volunteer helping us out.

New Market
Dong Van
Ha Giang Province

Phone: +84 (0) 168 7540 762